Our Standard Production


Our Standard production is composed of six principal categories of product COUNTRY, FARM, HOUSE, FACTORY, SUPERSILENCE e WORKSHOP it study for satisfying the different demands of application that the market requires.
The POWERCAP Srl design and manufacture on specific applications of the most customer demanding on Energy Systems for Telecommunications Civil applications, Military systems and Power Stations as also a Standard range of Generating Sets  from 2 up to 1100 kVA etc.


Petrol Genset




Professional Portable Generating Set, Manual or Automatic mains failure type 220 Vac single phase, 400 Vac three phase, with 10 A.12 Vdc battery charger mounted on steel base base portable with steel pipe frame. Suitable for supply mobile workschop, house, emergency application for fire pumps or computer systems ecc.


Diesel 3000rpm Genset



Industrial Generating Set with 3000 rpm Diesel engine, Air or Water cooled, Manual or Automatic mains failure type.Suitable for emergency supply of country houses, stores, supermarkets, fire pumps or computer center ecc.


Air cooled diesel Genset



Industrial Generating Set with 1500 rpm Air cooled Diesel engine, Manual or Automatic mains failure type. Suitable for emergency or continous supply of country houses, stores, supermarkets, fire pumps, or computer center etc..


Liquid cooled Diesel Genset



Industrial Stationary Generating Set three-phase, 1500 rpm Liquid cooled Diesel engine mounted on skid-base with manual control panel including instruments, electric start by key, battery and charger, Engine Autostop in case of fault , warning signals and circuit breaker.


Supersilence Genset



Industrial Diesel Generating Set 1500 rpm, Sound Proof 68 Dba at 7 mt.( 60 Dba at 7mt.by request) by a modular steel canopy, suitable for outdoor installation, provided with internal deadening class "0" materials, doors with look key,residential silencer,lifting holes. Recommended for primary or emergency power supply of Bank, Hospital, Yard, Factory, Farm ecc.






Portable welders with Gasoline or diesel engine to 3000 rpm from 130 Amp to 350 Amp with generating from 2 kVAs to 10 kVAs monofase 230 V or trifase 400/230 V and battery charger 12 V or 24 V. 20 Amp.

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